Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kim Thanh Restaurant

In previous posts I've talked about my love of all things salt & pepper (especially the lobster or crab!) at the restaurant R&G Lounge. If you don't mind a rather undesirable area (but not too far from Union Square!) you can come here and get seafood that is just as good. Just like R&G, salt & pepper anything is good here. Crab, geoduck, fresh prawns... this has become one of my new favorite places and prices are more reasonable than R&G. If you like Chinese & Vietnamese and love seafood, this is a place to check out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amici's East Coast Pizzeria

216 King St (between 3rd St & 4th St)

This is making the list for those who are going to AT&T park and need a place to eat. It is
entirely unlikely that you'll be around here otherwise and overall, it probably isn't worth a special trip. That being said, I think Amici's has some of the best thin crust pizza. For those who are vegan, they even offer vegan cheese. Prices are kind of high, but I still enjoy it. If you're in the area and you're craving pizza, this is worth a stop.

Golden Gate Meat Company

I had a hot dog here (*gasp* yes, even MsBlake likes a good hot dog once in awhile!) that was absolutely so yummy! Friends of mine rave about the bbq pork sandwich. I trust their taste so I'm recommending it, though I dislike bbq and pork so I can't comment from my own perspective. You can find a cheap lunch here ($7.50 for half a chicken and potatoes) and the portions are generous. A good alternative to many of the pricey lunch places in the Ferry Building if you're in this area. I have also picked up meat here to prepare at home and it has been very good, however, since that really isn't going to apply to most of you, I won't go on. : )

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fairmont Heritage Place

Many of the hotels near Fisherman's Wharf/Ghirardelli Square don't really give you a lot for your money. This Fairmont property has brought a much needed truly nice hotel (without a theme!) to the area. The feel of this place is more or less like your own apartment and some of the rooms have an absolutely killer view. I used to live in a building very near by that had the same view so I know what I'm talking about. Still rather low key given the location as word hasn't spread quite yet. If you're looking to stay in this area and aren't on a strict budget, this is the property you need to book.

(View will be similar, but this was not taken at the Fairmont.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival

September 19 - 20

I get how weird this may sound to some of you Andrew Zimmern fans out there, but last year, there was a vendor selling durian mooncakes which were really good. If you want to try durian, I tend to think this is a fairly good way to do so. : ) There are all kinds of good foodie treats and it is also very family friendly. If you're in the area, this is an event you may wish to check out. If you want to try a mooncake, you can also get them in various Chinatown bakeries around this time. Amazingly, I don't have a photo... must take one!

A Taste of Greece Greek Festival

I feel like everyone likely already knows I come from a Big Fat Greek Family. If you want to experience a bit of this, join in the fun at the Greek Festival. September 25 - 27. You can even go to the website I listed above and print out a ticket to get free admission. : )

Monday, September 7, 2009

I bought a lot of apples this weekend...

The title of this entry makes it sound like I'm ready to launch in to some werid indie song I wrote. lol Anyway, I bought a ton of apples and what better thing to do with them than make one of my favorite fall desserts? I got this cute little pie mold from Williams Sonoma and made a bunch of mini apple pies with them. Then I decided to make one big pie as well. You can really use any standard apple pie recipe... the only thing I add that certain recipes may not include is madacascar burbon vanilla to both my crust and filling. I used a mix of pink lady and granny smith apples. I may have gone a bit overboard, but I had a good time. : ) Happy Fall.

Primo Patio Cafe

214 Townsend Street

Primo Cafe is a good place. They serve carribean food and it is inexpensive and they have good sangria. Standouts are the tropical tacos, finger snaps and calamari... actually, everything I've had here is really tasty. Everyone I know loves the jerk chicken so while I can't speak from personal experience, that also seems to be a solid choice. Chances are, unless you're going to a ball game, you probably won't be in this are of town, but if you are, this is one place I recommend in the area for good, affordable food. Do keep in mind that it is a hole in the wall. If you're looking for anything upscale, this isn't it.

Friday, September 4, 2009


This is probably some of the all around freshest fish you'll ever get in SF. If you want a more traditional Japanese sushi experience, this is it. If you like rolls, you probably won't enjoy this place. Now on to the bad: service can be hit or miss and can come with a bit of an attitude. Prices are high, however, for the quality, I don't think the prices are totally out there. All in all, a great meal. If you can ignore spotty service, this is worth the visit.

Oh, and if you're a fan of Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, he ate here on the San Francisco episode.