Friday, January 8, 2010

It Is All In the Shoes

So if you read this blog or know me a bit, you'll know that I love clothing and accessories. Fashion has always been something close to my heart. Well right now, we need to discuss ballet flats. So I've been hearing, "Why would you spend $____ for a pair of ballet flats?!" more and more frequently. I am a bit slow on the take away as to why this is the case. What is the difference between putting money in to a quality heel v. a pair of quality flats?

I will admit, finding flats that are truly comfortable has been far harder for me than finding heels. Obviously this contributes to my feelings on the matter. But you tell me: will you spend money on flats or is this an area where you choose to hold back? Can you answer the question above? What makes you want to spend more on heels?

These are very deep thoughts for 7:30 in the morning people!