Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party Like A Rockstar

It is time to say goodbye to 2009. I can't believe it has been a decade since the panic that was Y2K. I don't know about you, but 2009 was quite good to me. I had a few great vacations, those closest to me have remained healthy... of course there were many more memories, but I can't complain. If 2009 has been a hard year for you, I hope next year will be a better one.

Again, thank you for reading. Now let us raise our glasses to 2010! Goodbye 2009, thank you for the memories.

Friday, December 25, 2009

And May All Your Christmases Be White

Christmas time is my favorite time of year. At least for me, there is still some of that childhood magic left in Christmas. I hope this will ring true throughout my life. So tonight, I wish all of you and your families a happy holiday season and a very merry Christmas. Thank you for following me, for being even the slightest bit interested in my life and for wanting to know more about one of the greatest cities in the world. I hope 2009 has been a great year for you and yours. If you have struggled this year, know that my thoughts are with you. Here is to an amazing 2010. Happy holidays.

Please excuse any typos. I'm mobile right now which means I'm sure to have screwed this up!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blondie's Pizza

So Blondie's is one of those places that I simply can't explain why I like. The place is a total dump, it probably should be condemned by the health department, there are always homeless people out front (to be fair, this is true of virtually everywhere in SF!) As for the food, the pizza objectively isn't that good. I'm sure you've had better. I know I have. Now after I've done such an amazing job of selling it and I'm sure you're booking flights/jumping in cars to come here in droves, I have to say, I like it. Some days when I'm just craving nasty, greasy hangover food and I'm out shopping, I come here. It seriously hits the spot.
So. There are better places to go, but if you just want a quick, cheap bite in between shopping at Sephora and heading to say, Barneys, and you like pizza, give it a go. As I said, I can't explain why I love it, but I do. I've been coming here for years. Just a good, greasy slice for very little cash. :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Christmas In San Francisco

Christmas is my favorite time of year. There are also about 8 million other photos I could have put in this post so I am using great restraint.
First up, was the annual lighting of the Christmas tree at Union Square. On the day after Thanksgiving I slept late. No Black Friday sale madness here unless you factor in the damage I did on in the comfort of my bed. That evening I slipped in to the my favorite Burberry coat, which I got as as an amazing Black Friday score in 2008, and finally made my way downtown.

My first stop in an attempt to get some photo was the Holiday Ice Rink at the Embarcadero Center. Unfortunately, the settings on my digital camera were incorrect so my photos didn't turn out at all. I didn't even realize it until later so no photos of that.

I finally boarded the 21 Hayes to make my way to Union Square. The first display I got a photo of was the window at Louis Vuitton. A lot of color there! The crowds were already out in full force. I wanted to get a few shots of Neiman Marcus and their gigantic tree that spans multiple floors but I had to go reserve my spot.

I made my way over to Macy's, which was about half a block away and managed to score a spot at the front of the barricade. It was a good thing I got there when I did because it was packed. We waited. And waited. And waited. You can kind of make out the crowd in some of the photos. I am someone who is not in to crowds. I am really private, I am really low key so this really isn't my kind of evening, but this is one of my favorite activities of the year. Seriously. So finally they start the show, a bunch of songs were sung... someone from American Idol even sang a few. He was actually really good. I don't watch that show so the name meant nothing to me. I should have paid more attention solely for my blog post, but oh well. Just as we were counting down to the lighting, the 38 Express pulled right in front of those of us by Macy's and I thought the people next to me were going to push it over to get their camera shot. Luckily, the bus moved just in time and I was able to get my photo. : ) And that was it. All of the pushing, the crowds, the people for 5 seconds of glory. It was worth it.

The last photos are of some of the decorations at 101 California Street. These are some of my favorite in San Francisco. I love the huge ornaments. These things have got to be about six feet tall.

I have a few other Christmas decoration photos from around the city I'll try to post but I hope you enjoyed these. So, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. I want to thank all of my readers who have had such a positive response to this blog. I love doing it.

Happy Holidays!

Swensen's Ice Cream

I love Swensen's. This place has been here forever and it totally reminds me of making what seemed like a ridiculously long trek over here from my school in Pacific Heights with my friends to get some ice cream. Those days have long since past but I still enjoy coming here. Right now, they have egg nog, pumpkin and peppermint ice creams that are some of my favorite things ever. The peppermint (with hot fudge!) is pictured above... sorry, it was obviously dark when I took it. It is located right on the Hyde Street cable car line on Hyde St. @ Union. Get your ice cream and then take a walk. It is a nice area to explore.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Young's Cafe

Young's Cafe is one of those places that I've seen numerous times on my way to R&G Lounge which is just down the block. I finally wandered in here the other day because R&G was utterly packed and I was hungry as hell. I decided to try their version of salt & pepper squid, potstickers and an order of egg rolls. First, let me say I didn't think it was possibly for a restaurant to eff up egg rolls so badly that even I wouldn't eat them. I love egg rolls. Yes, I am such a white person. Anyway, those were horrible. I don't recommend them. That being said, the potstickers are some of my new favorite in the city. The skin is a bit thick, but they had a taste that I just loved... and continue to crave. The salt & pepper squid was absolutely delish and it was super spicy. Dare I say, their version of salt & pepper whatever is better than R&G? Another plus? Young's is quite inexpensive. I absolutely recommend it. It is a total hole in the wall and it certainly isn't in terms of decor, but the food was good.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Walking in San Francisco

So, if you live (or visit) SF, hills are a part of life. This is stating the obvious, I realize. Anyway, so I ate a bunch of junk over the last few days. Ice cream sundae, donuts, grilled cheese... things I love but rarely eat and even more rarely do I eat them so close together. So today after a bit of shopping on Union Street, I had to go pick something up at my parent's house. My parents live in Pacific Heights, so not too far from where I was. I decided to walk. The first gives you an idea of how steep the hill was. Try about 3 blocks of that. I'm in pretty good shape but those types of hills test me. lol It was a great workout. I also took a couple view photos because it was so nice. You'd never have guessed it was rainy and yucky, not all that much earlier.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was how my day began. Well... at least in part. After a very um... long... night, my GH (gay husband) and I ended up at Fisherman's Wharf at Trish's Mini Donuts. These things are seriously the best hangover food ever. Yum. Well worth the trip to Pier 39 and they weren't even busy today so it was quite awesome. It was a nice day so we strolled down to Aquatic Park to eat and I took the above photos. A beautiful Thanksgiving in San Francisco indeed. And yeah, I'm trying to be more like Weemz and drag a camera every where so you'll get more pictures with my entries. See! I play tourist for you people. ;)
Once again, a very happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dynamo Donuts & Coffee

I'm kind of surprised it has taken me this long to post about this. The donuts here are BA-NANAS (said in my best Rachel Zoe voice.) I admit, the thought of a maple bacon donut, was at first, revolting. It is so good. Another favorite? The lemon huckleberry.
Now the bad news is, it is unlikely you'll be in the neighborhood it is located in unless you're hanging out at San Francisco General. But if you are out in the area for whatever reason, stop here. Then call me and we'll go run off the calories. ;)

Can't Stop

This is a song by MoZella. It simply rocks. If you haven't listened to it, you need to... especially if you're like me and in to kind of "indie" sounding chick music. If you like Imogen Heap, Ingrid Michaelson, Natalie Merchant, that kind of thing, you'll like it. Promise. :) You should check it out on iTunes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes, a girl just needs an affair...

Okay, I really do have a point. And this is actually a review of The Bar @ The Four Seasons so stay with me!
Sometimes, I just get bored. So I *may* admit that I've had an affair. Or pretended to. With my own s/o. As in yes, full on "So, do you come here often?" cheesery (this is a word because I proclaim it as such.) It can actually be really fun if you can keep a straight face. Really.
So anyway, if you want to play this game, I recommend this bar. lol In all seriousness, the drinks here are great. The place is good whether you're coming to play or whether you're going for drinks with clients.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Madrone Art Bar

500 Divisadero Street (between Fell & Hayes)

I'm not really a bar person anymore. Chronologically, I'm really not old at all, but to talk to me & sometimes you would probably think I'm about 80. Yes, I know you're unsubcribing me from your reader as we speak.
Anyway, I'm not a bar person most of the time but this place is so cool. Now, just to make myself sound really old, I won't come here after say, 10:00 because it gets really crowded and really hot, BUT, the drinks are awesome. I'm kind of wasp-y (Oh, come on! Like you didn't know?) so I tend to like vodka. A lot. And the infused vodkas they have here are to. die. for. Seriously.
So, if you're looking for a cool neighborhood type place for great drinks, this is it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Follow me on Twitter?

So, I tend to like blogging... but it seems like all the cool kids are on Twitter. I've never really been that cool. So after many months of resisting, I'm finally on Twitter. What I'm going to say, I have no idea. But maybe you'll want to check me out anyway. You still won't get me on Facebook. So yeah. Come by. We can be Twits together. We'll see how long my Twitter actually lasts.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Q: Have you been to Boulevard? How was it?
My hubby and i are planning a trip to S.F in December and we're thinking about going there!

A: Yes, I have been to Boulevard. It is an absolutely fantastic restaurant. One thing that I really appreciate about Boulevard is the fact that it simply isn't pretentious. It very much earns it's Michelin star, but unlike so many similar restaurants, the focus is all about good service, great food and an overall wonderful experience without the attitude that can be prevelant. I think you will be very happy with it. Hopefully I'll get around to posting my own review soon.

Q: Plouf may be too fancy for my parents. Have a rec for something that is very family and old-timer friendly in San Francisco?

A: One that immidiately comes to mind is Tadich Grill. I actually misread this (mild dyslexia! lol) as "Old time San Francisco" somehow but the more I thought about it, the more sure I was that this was still a good rec. This restaurant has been around for years and has remained a solid choice. So many "old school" restaurants survive on reputation but I feel that this one does it right. Cioppino here is excellent. It is casual but there is something for everyone on the menu. Another plus? They make a killer dirty martini.

Q: What are your favorite restaurants in SF? Low, mid, & high-priced.

A: This is a tough one. Hm... For very cheap, I love Chinese food. You could talk to many people and end up with many answers, but my favorites are Kam Po Kitchen, You's Dim Sum (the ladies who work there are always really nice and give me extra food:) ) and U-Lee for their potstickers. The potstickers are such a comfort food for me.

Mid range: I really like the Butler & the Chef Bistro. I actually live fairly close so I know that plays a part as who doesn't enjoy something that is easily accessible? That aside, my meals have always been very solid. They've never been bad. I feel that you get good food for the money.

Bistro Aix is another that I think is awesome. Unfortunately, I should note they are closed for a renovation so you'll want to check on this before just deciding to make the trip there.

Baker Street Bistro. Simply, just YUM!

Pricey: The Dining Room @ the Ritz Carlton is absolutely at the top of this list. It is probably one of the best dinners I've every had. If you decide to come here, you must have the tasting menu. End of story.

Masa's and Gary Danko are two others that are high on my "recommended" list. Gary Danko is nice if you're just venturing in to "fine dining" and as far as the amount of food you get for the price, Gary Danko is the best "deal".

Q: What inexpensive beauty and fashion items do you like?

A: One thing I am really partial to is Avon's Moisture Therapy Intensive hand cream. We ski a lot in the winter and the area in which our resort of choice is located get extremely dry. This isn't kind to my skin. Last year, I receieved a small bottle of this as part of a Christmas gift. I was astounded at how well it worked. I wish I had a before/after picture of my hands. You don't need a consultant, it can be purchased online and a small bottle is only about $2.00. A huge bottle, $6.00. You can't beat this if your hands get chapped during the winter.

I love plain old cherry chapstick. It keeps my lips soft but it adds a hint of color.

I no longer use this b/c I have a horrible time with color matching, but the absolute best foundation I've found in terms of lasting all day without touch ups is Revlon's liquid ColorStay. It simply blows other products out of the water. If you can find one that matches your skin tone, use it. For anyone wondering, I now use Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish Liquid and love that as well. Revlon, however, is about 1/4 of the price.

Q: Some favorite movies and books?

A: I read a lot actually, but I am hard pressed to name a favorite book. I love a variety from crappy chick lit to biographies to the Twilight series. I would say that I am draw to bios most often though. I really like more obscure characters throughout history.

Another book I would say is a favorite is Zorba the Greek. As I said, my reading material is rather eclectic. I really love nothing more than coming home at the end of the day and reading while taking a hot bath.

I am really far more in to TV shows than I am movies... For TV, my all time favorites include Castle, Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, Six Feet Under, Gilmore Girls and... actually, I'll stop as I could spend the evening naming shows.
Castle really appeals to me because of the wit as well as the chemistry between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. The dance between the two of them is fun to watch. And as for Boston Legal, that was absolutely one of the best shows on television. I'll end this post with two words: Denny Crane.

Q: What are your favorite stores and designers for day-to-day wear?

A: My favorite stores in general are probably Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York, & Lululemon. Lately, my time has been so limited that I like being able to have access to everything I need & having it all in one place has been important. As far as local boutiques, Mingle (this store especially is so cute!), Blu, Cielo, & Susan San Francisco are high on my list.
I really like simplicity in my clothing. Simplicity need not be confused with boring, but I like pieces that can easily transition from work to play. I love Milly and Lanvin. I would say that my closet is very heavy on both of these. James Perse's shirts are a true addiction for me as well. Theory is also very wearable. And finally, Chanel. This actually is more apparent in my accessories. As much as I'd love a closet full of it, I'd need to make a lot more money to fund those clothes on a regular basis!

I hope this provided some insight in to me. I felt like I was blabbering on a few of those, so excuse the length of some of my answers. : )

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chez Papa Resto

This area can get really tousisty. Okay, it is touristy. In a city like SF, this can often be hard to avoid so I just kind of embrace it. I won't allow my street cred (lol x 1000) to be threatned. So, while I wasn't expecting a lot, I did give Chez Papa a chance and it is freaking amazing. Is it the best meal I've had in the city? No, however, it is a soild restaurant. I love French food so that is always a draw for me. If duck confit is your thing, you must try it here! To die for. Steamed mussels? They will put you deeper in to food coma. Fries? OMG. The fries. Simply put, if you like French food, this should be a stop while you're in SF.

What do you want to know?

About San Francisco? Fashion? A little about me? Feel free to leave a comment here. I'll make an "Answers" post tomorrow.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wine Gums Revisited

They're here. And while I have shown um... a little... restraint, I need them taken away. I didn't really explain these in my other post. The best way to describe these would be similar to a gum drop, minus the sugar coating and the softness. These are far more chewy. Think gummy bear that has been sitting in the fridge. The flavors are unique. I don't know why it is called a "wine gum" as it doesn't taste like wine, nor gum, however, the hint of wine is there in the fruitiness. They aren't overly sweet like many things of this nature. Simply put, you have to try them.
I am not a chocolate person in general. I can say no to chocolate without a problem. Fruity gummy candy? Not so much.
If you decide to taste them, post and let us know your favorite flavor. Mine is the dark purple one. It probably most resembles wine and has a nice berry-ish taste. Kind of hard to describe but truly addictive. You won't just eat one.
Must work out extra hard tonight... and in weeks following. LOL

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nob Hill

It is raining. And you're having an illicit affair. You run from your hotel out in to the rain and your lover catches you and you kiss. It is like a movie. Um. Or not. So Nob Hill is a great, quiet neighborhood and home to some of the most historic hotels in the city. The cable car lines run through it and it has some stunning views, especially if you elect to stay on a high floor in say, The Fairmont.
Several years ago, I was browsing in a touristy shop and I stumbled upon a card that had a couple kissing on California street on the cable car line in the rain. It was just one of those scenes that kind of embodies a lot of the movie fantasies I've seen and for some dorky (I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic) reason, it stuck.
I know many people think of San Francisco and romance in the same sentence and this area is one where that idea may just come true.

Wine Gums

I don't know if any of my readers are Canadian (or British?) but these things are my new obsession. These things are so utterly addictive. I went so far today as to spend $30 USD to order myself some in bulk. And I hope this supply lasts a year, though given the way I went through them previously, I think I'll be lucky if they last 2 weeks. Kidding... well... kind of...
So I have to ask, have you had these? Are you in to them? I have showed amazing restraint on now blogging about them until now but do you remember that little post about "fixations"? Yeah. Here is another of mine. ;)

Photo is a stock photo, but I'm more than happy to photograph my own when they arrive. I am counting down until tomorrow!

Friday, October 23, 2009


So if you're followed me for any period of time, you're already aware of my love affair with Pinkberry and it's various imitations. Love it. I also try to eat organic most of the time so this place certainly peaked my interest. I won't drone on, but I will say that this is worth it if you're in the neighborhood... in other words, if you're headed to AT&T Park. The "blush" flavor is unique... even caused ME to stray from my traditional plain froyo. And they have mochi!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zinc Details

I won't bore you with the details of the process I went through in decorating my house. I'm kind of a freak in that I like my living space to look like something out of a interior design magazine. I even coordinate my Christmas color scheme right down to the wrapping paper. Yeah. You get the idea. That being said, I do like unique pieces as well that I can mix in with the rest of my decor. This is where Zinc Details came in. They have tons of fun pieces for your home (or office.) If you're in to decorating and like to browse, I highly recommend stopping in.

Wicked - The Musical

While nothing beats having seen Wicked on Broadway, the show in SF is very good. If you love musicals and have the opportunity, I recommend checking it out while you're here. Playing at the Orpheum Theatre.

Jade Arrived

It came. Photos to show you what it looks like on an actual person. Definitely not normally "me", but I love it!

For the Love of Lanvin

Up until about a year and a half ago, you would not have caught me in flats. I simply didn't like them. Then I fell hard for Lanvin. Their flats were so comfortable for me and while clearly well made, very understated. I like that. I don't need flashy luxury items and these were perfect. After my love affair with the ballet flats started, I was searching for a pair of flat boots and eventually wanted the pair I posted above. I spent a good week trying to track down a pair on Barneys super sale. I literally had called every Barneys New York store in the country. No one had them. I had just about given up when I finally got through to the Madison Avenue Store and the sweet SA said she thought she had one pair left, but only if I was willing to accept brown. It was meant to be. These remain my "go to" boots. The leather is fantastic and they rock for walking to and from work when, as much as I love them, a 4 inch pair of Louboutins just isn't going to work.
After the post about OTK boots, I thought I'd show you my favorite riding boots. Who makes yours? What do you lust after?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Over-the-knee Boots

Obviously these have been a big trend this season. I noticed that they were popping up about a year ago but now they seem to be out in full force. What do you think of the look? This is something I would really like to try and I'll be honest, I totally kick myself for not splurging on this gorgeous pair Chanel made for FW08 last year but I also find myself wondering how wearable they really are. Do they walk too fine a line being a little too "Pretty Woman"? I am still debating. Too many boots out there right now, too little money! ; )

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fashion & Beauty

So this blog started out as basically being a "local's guide to SF" which I will maintain. However, I also want to put a bit more of myself out there. One of my other loves aside from the city is fashion and beauty. It is something I know and can talk about. So I'm branching out. I'll be adding a few more "just me"/"f&b" type entries. I hope you'll find this interesting. Trying to keep things well rounded.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to talk like a San Franciscan

I know you're reading this and you're thinking that I've outdone myself coming up with a blog topic that no one cares about. You are probably correct. We'll see.

Gough (Street) = goff
Noe Valley = No-E Valley
Haight = Hate
Moscone = Moss-ko-nee (say it fast though)
San Francisco = San Francisco or the city. Not 'San Fran' or 'Frisco'

I totally mean this in a lighthearted way. If you ask me for directions to "Go" street, I won't freak out... nor will most people.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cafe Algiers

If you're in this area (basically, if you're staying at the Hyatt, Hotel Vitale, or Harbor Court) and you want a cheap lunch, try this. They are quick, the sandwiches are absolutely huge and they have the best mochas. Yes, it is a sandwich shop, but who doesn't love a good sandwich? If budget is a concern, you really can't go wrong. Sandwiches are no more than $6.


I tend to become fixated on things. This is really quite beneficial when it comes to work because I am a perfectionist on top of that and so things get done and they get done well. This seems to be a bit of a problem when it comes to well... things. I like clothes. I like make up. I like nail polish. If it is style related, I'm probably in to it. So Chanel recently released this new nail color, Jade. It was seen on the runways and people went nuts for it. Unfortunately, I have to include myself in the ridiculous masses on this one. It isn't a color I would typically go for, but something about this pale green just stands out to me. So I've spent hours trying to find a bottle. Even the world's best SA didn't have one in stock for me. I finally got a bottle today after a few DAYS (yes, I give myself the side eye so it doesn't hurt my feelings that you are too) of searching, a lovely person on one of my message boards was kind enough to let me know where I could find one. It is on its way to me. Finally.
Just a little more insight in to your friendly SF neurotic. Trust me, there are many of us.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Muni Stories: See what I mean about crazy people on Muni?

I've told you a few Muni stories. I know I posted one some time ago where I had witnessed two men nearly come to blows. Well now someone actually captured a Muni moment on film. This really happens. Crazy stuff always seems to happen on the 30 so for those who want to come up to Chinatown from Fisherman's Wharf and want a potential show, this is the bus you want to be on. If you're lucky, you will be presented with your own crazy Muni story. Maybe I need to start walking around with a video camera.

Bistro Burger

There are several locations, but I generally go to the location(s) on either Bush or Sansome. Burgers range between $5-8 and then obviously you have to add in your sides if you want them. It can be a semi "cheap" eat or a rather pricey one for burgers depending on what you order. They have quite a variety of burgers as well, which is great. The fries here are super good!They also serve breakfast and you can eat there fairly inexpensively so that is also something to keep in mind.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kim Thanh Restaurant

In previous posts I've talked about my love of all things salt & pepper (especially the lobster or crab!) at the restaurant R&G Lounge. If you don't mind a rather undesirable area (but not too far from Union Square!) you can come here and get seafood that is just as good. Just like R&G, salt & pepper anything is good here. Crab, geoduck, fresh prawns... this has become one of my new favorite places and prices are more reasonable than R&G. If you like Chinese & Vietnamese and love seafood, this is a place to check out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amici's East Coast Pizzeria

216 King St (between 3rd St & 4th St)

This is making the list for those who are going to AT&T park and need a place to eat. It is
entirely unlikely that you'll be around here otherwise and overall, it probably isn't worth a special trip. That being said, I think Amici's has some of the best thin crust pizza. For those who are vegan, they even offer vegan cheese. Prices are kind of high, but I still enjoy it. If you're in the area and you're craving pizza, this is worth a stop.

Golden Gate Meat Company

I had a hot dog here (*gasp* yes, even MsBlake likes a good hot dog once in awhile!) that was absolutely so yummy! Friends of mine rave about the bbq pork sandwich. I trust their taste so I'm recommending it, though I dislike bbq and pork so I can't comment from my own perspective. You can find a cheap lunch here ($7.50 for half a chicken and potatoes) and the portions are generous. A good alternative to many of the pricey lunch places in the Ferry Building if you're in this area. I have also picked up meat here to prepare at home and it has been very good, however, since that really isn't going to apply to most of you, I won't go on. : )

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fairmont Heritage Place

Many of the hotels near Fisherman's Wharf/Ghirardelli Square don't really give you a lot for your money. This Fairmont property has brought a much needed truly nice hotel (without a theme!) to the area. The feel of this place is more or less like your own apartment and some of the rooms have an absolutely killer view. I used to live in a building very near by that had the same view so I know what I'm talking about. Still rather low key given the location as word hasn't spread quite yet. If you're looking to stay in this area and aren't on a strict budget, this is the property you need to book.

(View will be similar, but this was not taken at the Fairmont.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival

September 19 - 20

I get how weird this may sound to some of you Andrew Zimmern fans out there, but last year, there was a vendor selling durian mooncakes which were really good. If you want to try durian, I tend to think this is a fairly good way to do so. : ) There are all kinds of good foodie treats and it is also very family friendly. If you're in the area, this is an event you may wish to check out. If you want to try a mooncake, you can also get them in various Chinatown bakeries around this time. Amazingly, I don't have a photo... must take one!

A Taste of Greece Greek Festival

I feel like everyone likely already knows I come from a Big Fat Greek Family. If you want to experience a bit of this, join in the fun at the Greek Festival. September 25 - 27. You can even go to the website I listed above and print out a ticket to get free admission. : )

Monday, September 7, 2009

I bought a lot of apples this weekend...

The title of this entry makes it sound like I'm ready to launch in to some werid indie song I wrote. lol Anyway, I bought a ton of apples and what better thing to do with them than make one of my favorite fall desserts? I got this cute little pie mold from Williams Sonoma and made a bunch of mini apple pies with them. Then I decided to make one big pie as well. You can really use any standard apple pie recipe... the only thing I add that certain recipes may not include is madacascar burbon vanilla to both my crust and filling. I used a mix of pink lady and granny smith apples. I may have gone a bit overboard, but I had a good time. : ) Happy Fall.

Primo Patio Cafe

214 Townsend Street

Primo Cafe is a good place. They serve carribean food and it is inexpensive and they have good sangria. Standouts are the tropical tacos, finger snaps and calamari... actually, everything I've had here is really tasty. Everyone I know loves the jerk chicken so while I can't speak from personal experience, that also seems to be a solid choice. Chances are, unless you're going to a ball game, you probably won't be in this are of town, but if you are, this is one place I recommend in the area for good, affordable food. Do keep in mind that it is a hole in the wall. If you're looking for anything upscale, this isn't it.

Friday, September 4, 2009


This is probably some of the all around freshest fish you'll ever get in SF. If you want a more traditional Japanese sushi experience, this is it. If you like rolls, you probably won't enjoy this place. Now on to the bad: service can be hit or miss and can come with a bit of an attitude. Prices are high, however, for the quality, I don't think the prices are totally out there. All in all, a great meal. If you can ignore spotty service, this is worth the visit.

Oh, and if you're a fan of Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, he ate here on the San Francisco episode.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Zuni Cafe

I've been working on this blog for close to a year (I apparently need more of a life) and I've not blogged Zuni yet. This surprises me. You hear a lot about the chicken here and it really is good. It is kind of on the expensive side for chicken. Okay. It IS expensive. *mumbles* $48... But there is a reason people rave about it. They also do oysters which I really enjoy. A solid neighborhood restaurant.

Ruby Skye

Remember that movie Party Monster? This place kind of reminds me of that, minus the awesome costumes. This is where old ravers come to die. I will admit, I am not in to the nightclub scene at all any more. Sorry. You have an old fart (who really isn't *that* old!) giving you advice. I remember when this was the place to come. I was much younger then. Ruby Skye is just kind of a meat market. There have been some really good DJs but as a whole, I'll leave this club to other people. Lots of tourists looking for some booty and plenty of pervs*. I think the guy who rides a certain muni line solely to rub up against unsuspecting people is a regular. Fun, fun nights.

I'm sure a bunch of you are just dying to take me as your super fun date to this club, huh?
*I'm totally not kidding abuot the perv population who frequents this place.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Walgreens - Union Square

This one time, I came here late at night (open 24 hours) thanks to my drunk best friend and upon exiting, we were confronted with a homeless guy beating it out front. At least it wasn't in the store. Ah, San Francisco!

Oh... um... you can buy toothbrushes here if you forgot yours!

McCormick & Kuleto's

So I have mixed feelings on whether to write this one or not...

So simply put, native San Franciscans typically avoid restaurants in the Fisherman's Wharf area. With that being said, I used to live very near this place. Something always has to be said for location. What makes me actually write about this restaurant is one thing: their happy hour menu. If you come on Mon - Friday from 3:00 - 6:00, you can order off of this menu and order items anywhere from $1.95 - $4.95. Obviously, if you're on a budget and want some cheap eats, this is a good deal. There is even a burger/fries included. There is better food to be had and while I certainly wouldn't direct you here as a first choice, if you're staying in the area and you are on a serious budget, this is worth checking out. Good views are a plus. If you are not here for the happy hour food, this place is absolutely not worth the regular menu prices.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bay Bridge Closure Labor Day Weekend!

This will begin at 8:00 pm, Thursday, Sept 3 and reopen on Tuesday, Sept 8 @ 5:00 am. You will want to plan ahead. Public transit is recommended or if you must drive, you will need to find an alternate route.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fries rock my world

I love fries. I can turn down chocolate and most other sweets without a problem, but you put fries in front of me and I can't say no. I could probably have filled my blog with posts only about what fries I like, but that would be even more boring than it already is but I am going to do a few posts on them. I promise to use restraint.
Pictured above, truffle fries with asiago cheese from Fog City Diner. I've mentioned these before in the post on Fog City, but they deserve their own mention. These are truly delish and probably one of the best things on the menu in my opinion. If you love fries, truffle oil and end up at Fog City Diner, these are a must order!


This ranks very high... on my 'places to avoid' list.
The only reason I'm even giving this a mention at all is because it is being recommended in guide books and such. It is not good. Yes, there is a view of the Bay Bridge, however, you can walk across the street to the Americano and enjoy your drinks on the patio for the view. You can go over to the Ferry Building right next door and eat outside at Hog Island Oyster Company and enjoy the view... or you can go out and simply enjoy the view for free without eating. It is just not worth it. There are plenty of choices in the Ferry Building so if you're in the area, it isn't as though you're without choices.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Many years down...

And God willing, many more to come.
Happy birthday to me.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1 California - Muni Stories Revisited

This bus always seems to have the most bat shit crazy drivers. They will stomp on the gas throwing people around and then hit the break so hard that everyone goes flying forward. I seriously thought that someone was going to break their neck one day. Get your ass on the bus and grab a seat or hold on to whatever you can would be my recommendation... assuming you don't have a death wish.
The cable car operators on the California line can be obnoxious too but I tend to take that rather than the 1 california. Oh and if you're a reasonably attractive female, the cable car operators will probably be nicer to you. I'd rather chance having a car crash in to the side of it than be killed by the bus driver.


I tend to come here after work a lot. Even though it is located in a hotel, I really enjoy it. The drinks are nice, but they are also a restaurant and the food has always been good. They have these parmesan fries that are one of my favorite things ever. All of the entrees I've ordered are yummy as are the desserts. They have a huge patio which is great on a warm night... or frankly, even on the not-so-warm nights as they have a bunch of heat lamps. I live in a the area so it is easy to hit the Americano on my way home. Now I have to say, the place is an utter zoo on Friday & Saturday nights so if that is a problem, don't come here on those days. You'll be miserable. The crowd on those nights can be a bit... um... well... not fun.

Kung Fu Tacos

I make an effort to go when this is in the FiDi. Yet another street food craze, Kung Fu Taco truck is kind of a mix of asian fusion with mexican food. They have these duck tacos that are extremely good. Now the draw back here is the cost. $3/each would be a deal except that these things are kind of tiny. Nonetheless, I still recommend trying it if street food is your thing. It is creative and the food is very yummy. I also highly recommend the vegetarian tacos. Follow on Twitter to find out where the tacos will be.

Monday, August 17, 2009

BART Strike Averted!

A tentative deal has been reached so the strike has been canceled. Thank God! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Roots is one of those restaurants that I'm actually surprised I tried. It isn't the menu, but rather the location. It is located in the Orchard Garden Hotel near the gates of Chinatown. I first came for a work lunch as my office isn't all that far away. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. All of the food is local where possible, as well as organic. They have truffle fries and crab mac & cheese which are both excellent. I came here with one of my friends a few months ago and the whole dinner for entrees, fries, drinks and dessert was under $100. Overall, it is a good restaurant with solid food. Definitely recommended.

Red Velvet Cake has had this recipe for red velvet cake posted for the longest time. I was in the mood to bake today so I thought I would decide to try it. I had nothing to lose. I have to say, it is very good! I was actually surprised. I'm not really sure why, but I was. I am surrounded by people who love chocolate so I decided to use my own recipe for fudge frosting rather than sticking with traditional vanilla. Anyway, I highly recommend their recipe if you're looking for a good one.

Link to the recipe:

Friday, August 14, 2009

BART Strike!

BART is set to strike at midnight on Sunday. While this isn't a huge concern for those who don't live here, do be aware that public transit is probably going to be a mess as other agencies will be the ones picking up the slack. Just something to keep in mind if you'll be in the Bay Area any time soon. For more news, see

Friday, August 7, 2009

Del Dotto Caves Winery & Tasting Room

I've been meaning to write some winery reviews for a while. I figured now was as good a time as any as I have some time to kill. Del Dotto has some amazing wines. If you're trying to decide on a tour, definitely do the caves here. Trust me on this. You will not be disappointed. The tour is on the more expensive side ($40 per person) but if you ask me, it is worth every cent.

Which neighborhood do you think I'm from?

You actually don't need to answer that. Just for fun, I thought I would post this article from the SF Chronicle. Yes, these are stereotypes. I don't take this (or myself lol) too seriously so I hope you won't either.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

U Lee

Huge, tasty potstickers. That is why you come here. I love potstickers. They are a major comfort food for me. I used to come here on my way home a lot because it is right on the cable car line. It was really easy to hop off, grab some dinner, jump back on a cable car and head home. I don't get over here as much anymore but it is worth the trip. Just take the Hyde Street cable car and get off at Hyde & Jackson. I've enjoyed most of what I ordered, but the big stand out are the potstickers.

Gourmet Kitchen

1051 Stockton St

For super cheap eats, come here. Jook is only $1.25. They have Chinese fried chicken (if you haven't tried this, you should.) The chow mein is really good and only $3 for a whole mess of it. In no way is it diet friendly and it can be a bit greasy, but if you don't mind and just want cheap Chinese, it may be worth your while.

House of Nanking

Overrated, overrated, overrated! This is in pretty much all of the guide books on San Francisco but personally, I don't think it is worth it. Prices are high for Chinese food and while I'm not exactly opposed to that, there are many other Chinese restaurants that are as good/better for the prices you pay here. There is always a long line out front as well. If you want similar food, I'd probably direct you to Chef Jia's for a lower price... all in all, there are just many other Chinese restaurants I'd recommend. I will concede that if you like Sweet & Sour, either of these restaurants are probably up your alley.
Personally, I'd hit R&G Lounge.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging... Chinatown Walking Tour

In a previous post I mentioned a great architecture tour that I enjoyed and recommended. Another tour done by the same guide is a walking tour of Chinatown. There are many Chinatown tours. I mention one on my "short list" of what to do. That is done by a local who lives in Chinatown. This one is a bit different but another to consider looking in to. It gets high praise from locals as well which is always a good thing.

And of course...

There was the bar at the pool. I think this was probably one of the highlights for me. I am not a big drinker and rarely do I indulge in the frozen sugary adult slushies but Vegas is always one place where I do and don't feel the least big guilty. The frozen vodka lemonade was so good. I would show you a photo of that too but it is up against my bikini clad body and I'm not sure I have the guts to put that on the internets. Bloggers have feelings too. Anyway, if you stay at the Palazzo, indulge in the lemonade if fruity frozen drinks are you thing. You won't be disappointed.


This was one of the rooms that we had at the Palazzo. I ended up photographing this one mainly because it was the one that hadn't been slept in yet and so everything still looked fairly neat.