Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wine Gums Revisited

They're here. And while I have shown um... a little... restraint, I need them taken away. I didn't really explain these in my other post. The best way to describe these would be similar to a gum drop, minus the sugar coating and the softness. These are far more chewy. Think gummy bear that has been sitting in the fridge. The flavors are unique. I don't know why it is called a "wine gum" as it doesn't taste like wine, nor gum, however, the hint of wine is there in the fruitiness. They aren't overly sweet like many things of this nature. Simply put, you have to try them.
I am not a chocolate person in general. I can say no to chocolate without a problem. Fruity gummy candy? Not so much.
If you decide to taste them, post and let us know your favorite flavor. Mine is the dark purple one. It probably most resembles wine and has a nice berry-ish taste. Kind of hard to describe but truly addictive. You won't just eat one.
Must work out extra hard tonight... and in weeks following. LOL

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nob Hill

It is raining. And you're having an illicit affair. You run from your hotel out in to the rain and your lover catches you and you kiss. It is like a movie. Um. Or not. So Nob Hill is a great, quiet neighborhood and home to some of the most historic hotels in the city. The cable car lines run through it and it has some stunning views, especially if you elect to stay on a high floor in say, The Fairmont.
Several years ago, I was browsing in a touristy shop and I stumbled upon a card that had a couple kissing on California street on the cable car line in the rain. It was just one of those scenes that kind of embodies a lot of the movie fantasies I've seen and for some dorky (I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic) reason, it stuck.
I know many people think of San Francisco and romance in the same sentence and this area is one where that idea may just come true.

Wine Gums

I don't know if any of my readers are Canadian (or British?) but these things are my new obsession. These things are so utterly addictive. I went so far today as to spend $30 USD to order myself some in bulk. And I hope this supply lasts a year, though given the way I went through them previously, I think I'll be lucky if they last 2 weeks. Kidding... well... kind of...
So I have to ask, have you had these? Are you in to them? I have showed amazing restraint on now blogging about them until now but do you remember that little post about "fixations"? Yeah. Here is another of mine. ;)

Photo is a stock photo, but I'm more than happy to photograph my own when they arrive. I am counting down until tomorrow!

Friday, October 23, 2009


So if you're followed me for any period of time, you're already aware of my love affair with Pinkberry and it's various imitations. Love it. I also try to eat organic most of the time so this place certainly peaked my interest. I won't drone on, but I will say that this is worth it if you're in the neighborhood... in other words, if you're headed to AT&T Park. The "blush" flavor is unique... even caused ME to stray from my traditional plain froyo. And they have mochi!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zinc Details

I won't bore you with the details of the process I went through in decorating my house. I'm kind of a freak in that I like my living space to look like something out of a interior design magazine. I even coordinate my Christmas color scheme right down to the wrapping paper. Yeah. You get the idea. That being said, I do like unique pieces as well that I can mix in with the rest of my decor. This is where Zinc Details came in. They have tons of fun pieces for your home (or office.) If you're in to decorating and like to browse, I highly recommend stopping in.

Wicked - The Musical

While nothing beats having seen Wicked on Broadway, the show in SF is very good. If you love musicals and have the opportunity, I recommend checking it out while you're here. Playing at the Orpheum Theatre.

Jade Arrived

It came. Photos to show you what it looks like on an actual person. Definitely not normally "me", but I love it!

For the Love of Lanvin

Up until about a year and a half ago, you would not have caught me in flats. I simply didn't like them. Then I fell hard for Lanvin. Their flats were so comfortable for me and while clearly well made, very understated. I like that. I don't need flashy luxury items and these were perfect. After my love affair with the ballet flats started, I was searching for a pair of flat boots and eventually wanted the pair I posted above. I spent a good week trying to track down a pair on Barneys super sale. I literally had called every Barneys New York store in the country. No one had them. I had just about given up when I finally got through to the Madison Avenue Store and the sweet SA said she thought she had one pair left, but only if I was willing to accept brown. It was meant to be. These remain my "go to" boots. The leather is fantastic and they rock for walking to and from work when, as much as I love them, a 4 inch pair of Louboutins just isn't going to work.
After the post about OTK boots, I thought I'd show you my favorite riding boots. Who makes yours? What do you lust after?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Over-the-knee Boots

Obviously these have been a big trend this season. I noticed that they were popping up about a year ago but now they seem to be out in full force. What do you think of the look? This is something I would really like to try and I'll be honest, I totally kick myself for not splurging on this gorgeous pair Chanel made for FW08 last year but I also find myself wondering how wearable they really are. Do they walk too fine a line being a little too "Pretty Woman"? I am still debating. Too many boots out there right now, too little money! ; )

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fashion & Beauty

So this blog started out as basically being a "local's guide to SF" which I will maintain. However, I also want to put a bit more of myself out there. One of my other loves aside from the city is fashion and beauty. It is something I know and can talk about. So I'm branching out. I'll be adding a few more "just me"/"f&b" type entries. I hope you'll find this interesting. Trying to keep things well rounded.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to talk like a San Franciscan

I know you're reading this and you're thinking that I've outdone myself coming up with a blog topic that no one cares about. You are probably correct. We'll see.

Gough (Street) = goff
Noe Valley = No-E Valley
Haight = Hate
Moscone = Moss-ko-nee (say it fast though)
San Francisco = San Francisco or the city. Not 'San Fran' or 'Frisco'

I totally mean this in a lighthearted way. If you ask me for directions to "Go" street, I won't freak out... nor will most people.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cafe Algiers

If you're in this area (basically, if you're staying at the Hyatt, Hotel Vitale, or Harbor Court) and you want a cheap lunch, try this. They are quick, the sandwiches are absolutely huge and they have the best mochas. Yes, it is a sandwich shop, but who doesn't love a good sandwich? If budget is a concern, you really can't go wrong. Sandwiches are no more than $6.


I tend to become fixated on things. This is really quite beneficial when it comes to work because I am a perfectionist on top of that and so things get done and they get done well. This seems to be a bit of a problem when it comes to well... things. I like clothes. I like make up. I like nail polish. If it is style related, I'm probably in to it. So Chanel recently released this new nail color, Jade. It was seen on the runways and people went nuts for it. Unfortunately, I have to include myself in the ridiculous masses on this one. It isn't a color I would typically go for, but something about this pale green just stands out to me. So I've spent hours trying to find a bottle. Even the world's best SA didn't have one in stock for me. I finally got a bottle today after a few DAYS (yes, I give myself the side eye so it doesn't hurt my feelings that you are too) of searching, a lovely person on one of my message boards was kind enough to let me know where I could find one. It is on its way to me. Finally.
Just a little more insight in to your friendly SF neurotic. Trust me, there are many of us.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Muni Stories: See what I mean about crazy people on Muni?

I've told you a few Muni stories. I know I posted one some time ago where I had witnessed two men nearly come to blows. Well now someone actually captured a Muni moment on film. This really happens. Crazy stuff always seems to happen on the 30 so for those who want to come up to Chinatown from Fisherman's Wharf and want a potential show, this is the bus you want to be on. If you're lucky, you will be presented with your own crazy Muni story. Maybe I need to start walking around with a video camera.

Bistro Burger

There are several locations, but I generally go to the location(s) on either Bush or Sansome. Burgers range between $5-8 and then obviously you have to add in your sides if you want them. It can be a semi "cheap" eat or a rather pricey one for burgers depending on what you order. They have quite a variety of burgers as well, which is great. The fries here are super good!They also serve breakfast and you can eat there fairly inexpensively so that is also something to keep in mind.