Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kam Po Kitchen

801 Broadway (between Powell St & Robert C Levy Tunl)

You've probably gathered by now that I like a variety of foods. As much as I can appreciate restaurants like The Dining Room, some of my favorite meals and restaurants are just little hole in the wall places that simply serve yummy food. Kam Po Kitchen is one of these places. The food is cheap, good and portions are generous. Example of price: steamed ginger scallion chicken and rice is only $5.25. Prices start at under $3.00. And no, you aren't going to get gourmet dining and the world's cleanest restaurant. I have never gotten sick though, so something is okay. ;) The service has always been friendly. If you like Chinese, make this a stop.

And okay, if you're skeeved by hanging ducks, this probably isn't a good bet.

Nick's Crispy Tacos

1500 Broadway

This is another weirdo restaurant that I like. If a 1970s porno set were to meet a restaurant, this is it. The decor is just odd. First things first, make sure you have cash on you as this place is cash only. If you're like me, this takes planning which is why I'm mentioning it. Taco Tuesday especially rocks as they have some really good deals.
Full disclosure: I feel it is only fair to admit that in all honesty... I don't really like most Mexican food. At all. But I love tacos so take this for what you will. If you're looking for "authentic", I don't really think this is your place, as good as it is.

New Golden Daisy

1041 Stockton St (between Jackson St & Washington St)

New Golden Daisy is a great take out place for one of my favorite things: chinese style fried chicken. I went back and forth as to whether to post this simply because how many people are really looking for take out when they're here on vacation, but since it is very inexpensive and I know people look for cheap eats, I thought this would be a good rec. If you haven't had Chinese style fried chicken, definitely check it out!

Disclaimer: if you're like me and skeeved by meat on the bone, it is best to buy it and then take it to your s/o and make them just give you the good parts, minus the bone. Really. : )

An update on Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Cafe

A quick update on my review... since the service was so great, I feel the need to mention it. I was just at Tsar Nicoulai today in hopes of just having a quick lunch. I ordered a bellini and the Parisian sandwich which is my favorite. They were backed up and the order was taking awhile. When they served the sandwich, they told me that b/c it had taken so long, it was on the house! True customer service! A huge thank you to them and I will definitely be back!

Matterhorn Swiss Restaurant

2323 Van Ness Ave

The food is very good if you enjoy fondue and in that regard, I recommend it. People have already touched on that part. My main issue here is the somewhat manic service which doesn't seem to really be consistant. I have experienced very friendly service as well as rushed, rather rude service. I honestly don't need people to act as though they are my BFF or anything close to but this was a bit much. Perhaps rather uptight? All in all though, the food is good and if you're a fan of fondue, I recommend checking it out.
The main reason I wanted to talk about/recommend this one is because honestly, it isn't the Melting Pot. Yes, I've been to one of those as well. No, I don't get the raves about the Melting Pot. Yes, I expect hate mail for admitting it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hang Ah Tea Room

1 Pagoda Place (at Sacramento St)

So... this is a strange place. The decor is bright neon and I was there recently, went in to the bathroom and what did I find? Tongs by the toilet. Yeah. I don't even know what to make of that. With that being said, I do enjoy the dim sum here. No, it isn't the best dim sum in the city. Yes, it can be rather greasy but sometimes, I need that. They often have workers passing fliers to tourists on Grant and they will walk you up here. I know that can be a turn off and often signal AVOID in neon lights as bright as their decor, however, this place markets itself as the oldest dim sum restaurant in the city. It is in guide books. That is their gig. Now weirdness aside, this place is cheap and the quantity is there. I work nearby which admittedly also make it appealing due to sheer laziness. Simply put, it is worth the try for a cheap lunch. Kind of a tourist trap (see "passing out fliers on Grant") but nonetheless, one I can recommend. It just kind of works.
Oh, do stay away from non-dim sum items though. Those typically aren't good in my opinion.

Beach Blanket Babylon

One of the issues about doing a blog on my hometown and giving people things to do is that I often feel as though I've recommended something 100 times only to realize that I somehow forgot to put it on my blog. One of these things is Beach Blanket Babylon! Keep in mind that you kind of have to love "kitch" but I think this is a fun thing to do at least once. The costumes, hats especially are great. Some of the jokes are rather dated but if you're a pop culture junky, you'll probably appreciate them nonetheless.

You do need to be 21+ for most showings as they do serve alcohol. There are matinee performances that you can go to if you have minors with you, however.