Sunday, February 22, 2009

Matterhorn Swiss Restaurant

2323 Van Ness Ave

The food is very good if you enjoy fondue and in that regard, I recommend it. People have already touched on that part. My main issue here is the somewhat manic service which doesn't seem to really be consistant. I have experienced very friendly service as well as rushed, rather rude service. I honestly don't need people to act as though they are my BFF or anything close to but this was a bit much. Perhaps rather uptight? All in all though, the food is good and if you're a fan of fondue, I recommend checking it out.
The main reason I wanted to talk about/recommend this one is because honestly, it isn't the Melting Pot. Yes, I've been to one of those as well. No, I don't get the raves about the Melting Pot. Yes, I expect hate mail for admitting it.

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