Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Unique and pretty authentic Greek food... which frankly, I think is hard to find short of home. ; ) Here is the thing, Kokkari is rather expensive. I "get" expensive restaurants and I am happy to spend money on food but it is always hard to spend money on Greek food for me most of the time. That said, Kokkari is still very good. The galaktoboureko here is simply tdf and the grilled calamari is something you have to try. No more of this fried stuff that has overrun restaurants. The grilled octopus is fantastic as well. Just typing this makes me hungry.

Again, I think the price here is kind of outrageous but obviously, I'm biased here. I lived My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Yeah. I recommend trying it all in all and I have had some really good meals here but I honestly have to admit, I go back and forth on the prices. Take it for what you will.

Just remember, even if you "don't eat no meat", they have lamb! :)
Oh and because I'm on a tangent and in a mood tonight, gyro is not a freaking "jai-ro"... is is a "year-roh". Thanks for your patience. ; )


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