Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yats' New Orleans Original Po Boys

So... I think I have to give a disclaimer that states I'm from San Francisco... I probably wouldn't know good NOLA food for the life of me. I've not spent much time there. I do however pride myself on enjoying food. A lot... so with that in mind, my review: I was pleasantly surprised by this place and found it to be a good hidden gem. Yes, it is in a bar and no, not exactly my normal scene but the food was so yummy. I tried the jambalaya which is one of my favorite foods. Granted, I often tend to have the yuppified versions but this lived up to my standards! On another visit, I tried the oyster po boy and was extremely happy. If you can get over the fact that Yats is likely out of the way for you, it is worth the stop. A good local place run by good people.


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