Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear old Dad

If you don't already know, I come from a "Big Fat Greek family." My Big Fat Greek Wedding is pretty much dead on... well, minus the whole Windex thing. My dad is basically the dad in the movie. Only his accent comes and goes for no apparent reason. The more passionate he gets about something, the stronger it becomes.

So my dad bought an iPhone. He calls me on his new iPhone to brag about it. He knows I want one. After a bit, the conversation turned in to something that I think you'll appreciate.

Dad: So... eh... you know... theh Grrrrrecks invented iPhone-eh techOlogee.

Me: Um. Dad? No they didn't.

Dad: Eeees true. I know. You thin-k I don't know? I know!

Me: Uh. Whatever. Okay Dad. The Greeks invented the iPhone.

If only I'd thought up the idea for a movie first. Damn!

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