Monday, November 2, 2009

Chez Papa Resto

This area can get really tousisty. Okay, it is touristy. In a city like SF, this can often be hard to avoid so I just kind of embrace it. I won't allow my street cred (lol x 1000) to be threatned. So, while I wasn't expecting a lot, I did give Chez Papa a chance and it is freaking amazing. Is it the best meal I've had in the city? No, however, it is a soild restaurant. I love French food so that is always a draw for me. If duck confit is your thing, you must try it here! To die for. Steamed mussels? They will put you deeper in to food coma. Fries? OMG. The fries. Simply put, if you like French food, this should be a stop while you're in SF.


10yearstogether said...

I've only had French food once - in Moorea. H made me try the snails and I was damaged ever since then. =(

SFCityGirl said...

Butter, butter and more butter without seeming like a Paula Deen special. That is what makes escargot awesome. lol