Monday, November 30, 2009

Swensen's Ice Cream

I love Swensen's. This place has been here forever and it totally reminds me of making what seemed like a ridiculously long trek over here from my school in Pacific Heights with my friends to get some ice cream. Those days have long since past but I still enjoy coming here. Right now, they have egg nog, pumpkin and peppermint ice creams that are some of my favorite things ever. The peppermint (with hot fudge!) is pictured above... sorry, it was obviously dark when I took it. It is located right on the Hyde Street cable car line on Hyde St. @ Union. Get your ice cream and then take a walk. It is a nice area to explore.


katie said...

I love Swensen's~ I haven't had it in so long since there isn't any here in Texas.

weezermonkey said...

Mama Monkey loooooooves Swensen's. She has told me many times.

I've never had it. :(

10yearstogether said...

I've never had it either. I'm so deprived.