Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kan's Restaurant

Screw this place. Take my advice and RUN far away as fast you can! I came here for an early lunch and only because I work nearby and just wanted something quick. Since you're visiting, there is a very good chance that you'll find this place because a) it is on Grant Avenue and b) they often have people out front luring you in for food. It wasn't busy so I braved it even if it was smack in the middle of Grant Ave. Big, big mistake! Food is very, very greasy and unmemorable. I expected the unmemorable, but the grease was extreme. Ick. I had a stomach ache after that. The worst was that I ordered take out. Thought everything had gone smoothly, paid for it and left a very small tip (in cash though I'd paid with a card) and started on my way. One of the minions that works there had the audacity to chase me on my way out and when she finally caught up to me, she said, "Was something wrong? You didn't leave a tip. Gratuity is NOT included!" Uh... I ordered take out. You didn't do anything other than take the order and bag up my food. On top of that they were rude the entire time and acted like I was putting them out. I explained that I had left a tip on the counter, in cash. I was about 2 seconds away from walking back in and taking their "gratuity" with me. The jerks who work here don't deserve your business. I definitely won't be back, no matter how close my office is. Avoid at all costs.

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