Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Marina Safeway (aka Dateway)

15 Marina Blvd

Yes, I know this is an odd review but I just have to do it. If you live in San Francisco, you'll get it. And yes, for those who don't know, I really do mean Safeway... as in the grocery store.

It is fun to come to Dateway and make up stories about your fellow shoppers. After you know about the rep of this place, you can't help but see it as a meat market (and no, I'm not talking about food.) You always feel there is some type of ulterior motive on the part of everyone in there. Don't come here for food. Come just to people watch. I swear, this is a bigger pick up spot than most bars. I keep wanting to talk my H in to having a psuedo fight with me in the middle of this place just b/c I think it would be funny... according to him, I'm not funny. :*(

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