Sunday, August 23, 2009


I tend to come here after work a lot. Even though it is located in a hotel, I really enjoy it. The drinks are nice, but they are also a restaurant and the food has always been good. They have these parmesan fries that are one of my favorite things ever. All of the entrees I've ordered are yummy as are the desserts. They have a huge patio which is great on a warm night... or frankly, even on the not-so-warm nights as they have a bunch of heat lamps. I live in a the area so it is easy to hit the Americano on my way home. Now I have to say, the place is an utter zoo on Friday & Saturday nights so if that is a problem, don't come here on those days. You'll be miserable. The crowd on those nights can be a bit... um... well... not fun.

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DFL said...

lol. You suggested the Vitale a couple years ago and we loved it and have stayed there twice now.

I highly rec the Americano too.