Monday, August 31, 2009

Ruby Skye

Remember that movie Party Monster? This place kind of reminds me of that, minus the awesome costumes. This is where old ravers come to die. I will admit, I am not in to the nightclub scene at all any more. Sorry. You have an old fart (who really isn't *that* old!) giving you advice. I remember when this was the place to come. I was much younger then. Ruby Skye is just kind of a meat market. There have been some really good DJs but as a whole, I'll leave this club to other people. Lots of tourists looking for some booty and plenty of pervs*. I think the guy who rides a certain muni line solely to rub up against unsuspecting people is a regular. Fun, fun nights.

I'm sure a bunch of you are just dying to take me as your super fun date to this club, huh?
*I'm totally not kidding abuot the perv population who frequents this place.

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