Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fries rock my world

I love fries. I can turn down chocolate and most other sweets without a problem, but you put fries in front of me and I can't say no. I could probably have filled my blog with posts only about what fries I like, but that would be even more boring than it already is but I am going to do a few posts on them. I promise to use restraint.
Pictured above, truffle fries with asiago cheese from Fog City Diner. I've mentioned these before in the post on Fog City, but they deserve their own mention. These are truly delish and probably one of the best things on the menu in my opinion. If you love fries, truffle oil and end up at Fog City Diner, these are a must order!

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10yearstogether said...

These remind me of the TDF fries from Pac Bell Park. Oh I want to cry for them right now. So. Good.