Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nob Hill

It is raining. And you're having an illicit affair. You run from your hotel out in to the rain and your lover catches you and you kiss. It is like a movie. Um. Or not. So Nob Hill is a great, quiet neighborhood and home to some of the most historic hotels in the city. The cable car lines run through it and it has some stunning views, especially if you elect to stay on a high floor in say, The Fairmont.
Several years ago, I was browsing in a touristy shop and I stumbled upon a card that had a couple kissing on California street on the cable car line in the rain. It was just one of those scenes that kind of embodies a lot of the movie fantasies I've seen and for some dorky (I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic) reason, it stuck.
I know many people think of San Francisco and romance in the same sentence and this area is one where that idea may just come true.

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10yearstogether said...

Are you having an affair?!! *screeching* Just kidding. Great passage. Makes me excited for my upcoming trip up there.