Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I tend to become fixated on things. This is really quite beneficial when it comes to work because I am a perfectionist on top of that and so things get done and they get done well. This seems to be a bit of a problem when it comes to well... things. I like clothes. I like make up. I like nail polish. If it is style related, I'm probably in to it. So Chanel recently released this new nail color, Jade. It was seen on the runways and people went nuts for it. Unfortunately, I have to include myself in the ridiculous masses on this one. It isn't a color I would typically go for, but something about this pale green just stands out to me. So I've spent hours trying to find a bottle. Even the world's best SA didn't have one in stock for me. I finally got a bottle today after a few DAYS (yes, I give myself the side eye so it doesn't hurt my feelings that you are too) of searching, a lovely person on one of my message boards was kind enough to let me know where I could find one. It is on its way to me. Finally.
Just a little more insight in to your friendly SF neurotic. Trust me, there are many of us.


10yearstogether said...

Have you seen the similar OPI color? I think this color is so boss, love it. I'm jonesing for something more emerald green, but I may get adventurous and do the Jade shade on my toesies or something.

SFCityGirl said...

Emerald would look great on you as would this one. I just saw the OPI color. That is quite a good alternative to Jade.

10yearstogether said...

I may have to get the OPI one at Planet Beauty. Yahooo!