Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wine Gums Revisited

They're here. And while I have shown um... a little... restraint, I need them taken away. I didn't really explain these in my other post. The best way to describe these would be similar to a gum drop, minus the sugar coating and the softness. These are far more chewy. Think gummy bear that has been sitting in the fridge. The flavors are unique. I don't know why it is called a "wine gum" as it doesn't taste like wine, nor gum, however, the hint of wine is there in the fruitiness. They aren't overly sweet like many things of this nature. Simply put, you have to try them.
I am not a chocolate person in general. I can say no to chocolate without a problem. Fruity gummy candy? Not so much.
If you decide to taste them, post and let us know your favorite flavor. Mine is the dark purple one. It probably most resembles wine and has a nice berry-ish taste. Kind of hard to describe but truly addictive. You won't just eat one.
Must work out extra hard tonight... and in weeks following. LOL


10yearstogether said...

They truly don't look that bad. I mean, unless you're packing away two rolls at a time, you know? I looked at the trick or treat bag of twix I bought. 80 calories per little stupid bar. Not even a full bar, but the snack size. Be grateful that you're not a chocolate fiend. =/

Anonymous said...

Um, totally have to try now! I can tell already this blog is going to be bad for my bank account!