Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to talk like a San Franciscan

I know you're reading this and you're thinking that I've outdone myself coming up with a blog topic that no one cares about. You are probably correct. We'll see.

Gough (Street) = goff
Noe Valley = No-E Valley
Haight = Hate
Moscone = Moss-ko-nee (say it fast though)
San Francisco = San Francisco or the city. Not 'San Fran' or 'Frisco'

I totally mean this in a lighthearted way. If you ask me for directions to "Go" street, I won't freak out... nor will most people.


10yearstogether said...

Please tell me you don't say "hella". And thanks - I've always thought it was "Go". Hee hee.

SFCityGirl said...

LMAO. No. I don't say "Hella". I promise. So not me.

weezermonkey said...

What? No love for "SanFo"?